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Our History

The Erna Lindenfeld Hachnosos Kallah Fund of Queens (ELHKF) was established 37 years ago by Rebbetzin Ruth Schonfeld a"h of the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills along with a handful of dedicated Shul members who decided to institute a network of chesed in the community in memory of their beloved friend and YIKGH member, Erna Lindenfeld. This chesed organization provides financial help to an ever growing number of needed families trying to make a wedding.

At their first meeting there were about a half dozen women. At the next meeting they decided to invite women from other Queens' synagogues. Then there were discussions about how to raise funds so they decided to produce a play. The play was the first successful community-wide fund raiser that drew a large audience and was a smashing success.

When Rebbetzin Schonfeld a"h first organized the ELHKF, she did not expect the organization to grow so rapidly. The willingness of the community to step forward and lend a helping hand was in itself a uniquely rewarding experience. She did, however, attribute much of the success to their president, Rebbetzin Shifra Witty a"h, who according to Rebbetzin Schonfeld a"h, was their driving force.  The organization continues to thrive due to her selfless dedication and commitment on behalf of Hachnosas Kallah.

Every month a dedicated committee of women, meets to discuss the many cases referred to them by an elaborate network of local representatives, which include Rabbis, Rebbetzins, community leaders, and other members. Each and every request is given careful consideration before being acted upon. The funds are forwarded to those in need in a discrete manner which protects the privacy of both the donor and the recipient.

All of the members volunteer their time as there are no paid employees, office or administrative staff.  All donations go directly to the needy couples.  In this merit, may the neshama of Erna Lindenfeld a"h be zoche to an aliyah.

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